Hip Conditions


The hip consists of a spherical section – the head of the femur – and a concave socket – the pelvic acetabulum. The spherical head of the femur rotates freely within the acetabulum. To prevent friction, the area is covered by a smooth, glossy tissue – the cartilage – and by a small amount of synovial fluid, which acts as a lubricant in the motion of the parts of the joint.


Trochanteritis is a painful condition in which the athlete (but not exclusively) feels pain on the outer surface of his hip. It usually affects runners and athletes involved in sports such as football. It is more common in women (due to the construction of their pelvis. The pelvis in women is wider than in men) and in middle-aged or elderly people (and especially those who have undergone a hip surgery). It is essentially an inflammatory condition of the bursa (a sac with gelatinous content) over the major trochanter.


The intertrochanteric femoral fractures, as well as the transcervical and the sub-trochanteric fractures, affect women over the age of 60, mainly after menopause, and are the most common fractures caused by falls.What is the intertrochanteric fracture?
The intertrochanteric fracture, as the name suggests, is a diagonal fracture between the major and minor trochanter.


While knee and shoulder arthroscopy are the main methods of surgical treatment, hip arthroscopy has not been widely developed to date. In recent years with the improvement of surgical tools and techniques and mainly due to the better description of hip diseases in early stages for young patients, hip arthroscopy is gaining ground.

Femoral Neck Fractures

After age 70, especially in osteoporotic women, the femoral neck (below the femoral head) fracture is the most common fracture due to a fall (along with Colles’ fracture of the distal forearm). After the fall, the person, except for experiencing severe pain in the hip, cannot stand on the injured lower limb.


Diaphyseal femur fractures are usually fractures associated with accidents at work or in traffic and affect young people. In the elderly, the femur, as reported, breaks in the trochanter region. What is a diaphyseal femur fracture? The fracture of the femur is a disruption of the continuum of the femur, which is, as reported, a bone with a lumen.