The Endoscopic Micro-Discectomy is a minimally invasive procedure for removal of the intervertebral disc hernia.

Ενδοσκοπική Μικρο – Δισκεκτομή


When there is clinical evidence of neurological damage, there is an indication for surgical treatment.


The surgical operation

It is an operation that lasts for about 1 hour and the patient is placed in a prone position, under general anesthesia.

We use X-ray assistance (C-ARM) to be able to guide the skin incision at the level of the affected intervertebral space and the incision is about 1 cm from the midline. The operation is performed using a microscope and an endoscope, while a special tool removes the disc hernia and decompresses the nerve root.

Ενδοσκοπική Μικρο – Δισκεκτομή

Advantages of the method

One-day stay in the hospital and immediate patient mobilization

Small surgical incision

Reduced risk of complications compared to open discectomy (instability, infection, post-operative scar)

Faster return to work and normal activities